The high degree of repeatability of a few operations means that any improvement in a logistics center or regulatory warehouse has a direct impact on the results.

In the operations of reception, storage, preparation of orders or shipments it is important to ensure that work instructions are clearly communicated to all workers. It may be necessary to communicate license plates, product reference codes, quantities, loading docks, preparation instructions…

The needs of the information displays are:

  • High visibility of the message, to ensure a minimization of the routes.
  • Constant integration with the warehouse management ERP / computer system.
  • Ability to display any message immediately.
  • 24X7 availability.
  • Prioritization of messages, through the use of special effects.

The displays to communicate information can be placed in the following areas:

  • Loading docks
  • Hallways
  • Order preparation areas.


Alphanumeric logistics displays

Lartet displays meet the most stringent requirements of the logistics field. Among its features, it is worth highlighting:

  • High visibility Digit height from 30 to 100mm, ensuring perfect readability up to 50 meters away.
  • Digits on one or two sides, allowing you to locate the minimum number of displays with maximum efficiency.
  • Great ability to display information. Screens of up to 8 lines with a maximum of 26 characters each.
  • Immediate integration with any computer system, thanks to its connection options to different network protocols (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485, Profibus)
  • Chaining of messages with variables such as time, date and defined variables. Ability to show special effects (negative color, intermittency)
  • Possibility of locating in outdoor spaces (IP54).
  • Ability to save messages in the permanent memory (EEPROM) of the display, allowing the automatic restoration of the system after a power failure.

Digital clocks

A requirement that is never lacking in a logistics center is compliance with the schedule of operations. Clearly and timely communication of the time is a contributing factor to the achievement of the objectives set.

The main features of Lartet watches are:

  • Long distance visibility. Digits up to 250 mm high, with excellent visibility up to 120 m away.
  • High brightness. Automatic adaptation of character brightness based on the amount of ambient light (automatic dimmer)
  • Synchronization of clocks with a standard time.
  • GPS Capture of the GPS satellite signal time information.
  • SNTP Synchronization with an SNTP server, either from the corporate network or a public one on the Internet.
  • Synchronization of the clocks with each other. A clock marks or picks up the standard time and the other clocks synchronize with it via the
  • Ethernet or RS-485 connection.
  • Easy and intuitive access to the configuration and monitoring of the clock through a browser that can access the web server of the clock.