Occupational safety and prevention of occupational hazards are factors of great importance in all organizations. More and more demanding work procedures and more ambitious goals are established. A key factor in successfully implementing an action plan is the communication to all the people involved of the level of achievement of the objective.

Lartet has displays specifically designed to communicate information for these types of needs:

  • Equipment to show the number of days since the last work accident.
  • Text display equipment, to show work procedures and instructions, indicators (accidents with leave from work, without leave from work, incidents, …)

Features of the day displays without accidents

The main characteristics of the equipment are:

  • Automatic day counter. The display incorporates a calendar.
  • Automatic connection / disconnection according to a schedule predefined by the administrator.
  • Connection option via Ethernet, which allows remote administration from any computer connected to the company’s network.
  • Number of days without accidents with 3 or 4 digits.
  • Automatic synchronization of the values of several displays.

Security messages to staff

For this need the recommended equipment is the text viewers. They have the ability to display a large volume of information; Its dimensions allow it to adapt to all types of spaces and are very easy to integrate into the company’s computer systems. They also have a program in a Windows environment that allows you to easily and conveniently manage the messages to be displayed.

The most outstanding features of the text viewers for this environment are the following:

  • High visibility Digit height from 30 to 100 mm, ensuring readability of up to 50 meters.
  • Great ability to display information. Lartet’s alphanumeric display range has up to 8 lines with a maximum of 26 characters each.
  • Immediate integration with any computer system thanks to the different network connection options, highlighting Ethernet and wi-fi.
  • Chaining of messages with user-defined variables, time or date. Special effects (negative, intermittence) to highlight information.
  • Possibility of saving messages in the permanent memory of the display (EEPROM), ensuring the reliability of the equipment in case of unplanned power cuts.