Tetralec Electrónica Industrial, S.L. It is an engineering company that designs, manufactures and markets data visualizers for industrial and tertiary environments since 1988 under the Lartet brand.

Product range

Tetralec has a wide range of standard products, adaptable to the user’s needs. The characteristics of the displays that may vary are the number, size and color of the digits, the communications protocol, the functionalities of the display (defined via software), the IP protection level and the light intensity level of the digits / characters . Additionally, Tetralec also designs and manufactures special displays, adapted to the unique needs of a particular installation.

Registry data

Tetralec Electrónica Industrial, S.L.
C / Severo Ochoa, 80
Industrial Estate Font del Ràdium
08403 Granollers (Barcelona)
Tel: +34 93 846 48 28
E-Mail: tetralec@tetralec.com
Cif: B-64586175