Displays in fire stations or emergency rooms must fulfil a number of specific requirements, such as:

  • High digit visibility in all light conditions
  • 24×7 availability
  • High device reliability
  • Capacity for integration with the organisation’s IT systems;
  • Capacity to display information instantly, combining text with defined variables (exit door, vehicle number, group).

Text displays for fire stations and emergency rooms

The Lartet displays fulfil the strictest requirements for emergency and fire-fighting services. The most important characteristics are:

  • High visibility; digit height ranges from 30 mm to 100 mm, thus guaranteeing readability from up to 50 m;
  • High information display capacity; the Lartet text displays have up to 8 lines, and each one of them can have up to 26 characters;
  • They can be quickly integrated in the organisation’s IT system thanks to the different network connection options (Ethernet and Wi-Fi);
  • Text messages can be chained together with user-defined variables, the time or the date; special effects can be added to highlight information (negative, flashing);
  • In order to guarantee the device’s reliability in the event of unscheduled power cuts, messages can be stored in the display’s permanent memory (EEPROM); the device resets itself when the power is restored;
  • Device colour can be defined; in fire stations these devices are often red.

Digital clocks for fire stations and emergency rooms

One indispensable requirement in a fire station or emergency centre is adherence to operational timetables. The clear and punctual reporting of the time is one factor that contributes decisively to the accomplishment of the targets that are set.

The main characteristics of the Lartet clocks are:

  • Synchronization of clocks with an external standard time:
    • GPS acquisition of time information from the GPS satellite network time signal;
    • SNTP – synchronization with an SNTP server, be it the corporate network or a public internet-based network.
  • Synchronization of various clocks with one another; one of the clocks acquires the standard time externally and the other clocks are synchronized with it;
  • Good visibility from long distances; digits up to 180 mm high, visible from a distance of 90 m;
  • High brightness; ideal for outdoor devices affected by direct sunlight; automatic adaptation of digit brightness depending on the amount of ambient light (automatic dimmer);
  • Protected access to system configuration and monitoring through a browser connected to the clock’s web server.