The Lartet displays are designed to cover photovoltaic and wind energy production requirements. The data displays efficiently satisfy the requirements to be fulfilled by these systems:
availability of specific and industrial environment communication protocols;

  • High visibility;
  • 24×7 availability;
  • Protection levels to suit the setting;
  • Capacity to display numeric and/or text information.

Lartet has been designing and manufacturing displays since 1986. It offers a very comprehensive range of devices for the industrial environment that adapt to the needs of renewable energy plants.

The devices offer a high level of reliability.

Information displayed:

  • kW in production;
  • Accumulated produced kW;
  • Tons of CO2 saved.

Lartet display device systems

Lartet has long-standing experience in the design and manufacture of displays for photovoltaic and wind energy plants. The systems are frequently personalised to suit customer requirements. The project is based on the Lartet set of technologies.

  • High visibility; digit height from 30 mm to 180 mm, thus guaranteeing complete readability from up to 90 m.
  • Immediate integration with any IT system thanks to multiple network connection options (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485 and Profibus). Adaptability to special protocols.
  • Chained messages with time and date variables or with user-defined variables. Special effects (negative/flashing).
  • Possibility of outdoor location (IP65, IP54).
  • Integrated web server so that configuration and monitoring is easy, simple and can be performed from any internet-connected PC. The system features the appropriate level of security.
  • A vinyl can be attached to the free space on the display to reproduce a graphic; the client only needs to provide the file.