Lartet offers the following solutions for airports and stations:

Digital clocks

Airports and stations are places where users clearly need to know the right time. The requirements of these facilities are to provide the exact time and for the digits to be readable from a distance.

The main characteristics of the Lartet clocks are:

  • visibility from considerable distances; digits up to 180 mm high, visible from a distance of 90 m;
  • high brightness; automatic adaptation of digit brightness depending on the amount of ambient light (automatic dimmer); ideal for outdoor devices affected by direct sunlight;
  • synchronization of clocks with an external standard time:
    • GPS acquisition of time information from GPS satellite signals;
    • SNTP – synchronization with an SNTP server, be it the corporate network or a public internet-based network;
  • synchronization of various clocks with one another; one of the clocks acquires the standard time externally and the other clocks are synchronized with it.

Temperature and Humidity displays

Devices with integrated sensors: these display the information to the public and can send the values recorded through an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.
Devices without sensors: acquisition of temperature and humidity data from an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network or directly from another Lartet display.

Both the temperature and humidity displays and the clocks feature an elegant and discreet design, and they are made of black thermoformed methacrylate. They can be wall-mounted or hung.

Protection levels

IP protection levels for devices to be installed outdoors.

  • IP 65
  • IP 54