HACCP Standards

In the food industry, temperature control is a critical indicator for guaranteeing continuity of the cold chain in refrigeration and freezing chambers; it is also a important factor in cooking and smoking processes. In the event of an incident, the person responsible must act immediately.

HACCP standards require that all elements in direct contact with food be manufactured with impermeable, easy-to-clean materials that are also resistant to treatment with abrasive products and/or with high-pressure water or steam cleaning systems. It is highly recommendable that the maximum number of elements in rooms in which food is stored or processed have such characteristics.

Temperature control

  • In terms of temperature control, information communication devices must meet the following requirements:
  • highly-visible messages;
  • constant integration with the computer/SCADA/ERP system;
  • reporting of temperature trends;
  • capacity to display any kind of message immediately;
  • 24×7 availability;
  • high protection level;
  • connection to temperature sensors suited to the environment.

Expiry date control

The expiry date is often stamped on a product in the Julian date format. The device can display the calendar with both formats (date/month/year and Julian).

Process displays

Just like any other industry, the food industry needs process data displays. Lartet has a broad range of devices in stainless steel housings that will satisfy any needs in this area.

Temperature displays

Lartet supplies a broad range of temperature displays for industrial use, built in stainless steel housings and with a high level of protection. Their features include:

  • use of J, K and T type thermocouple sensors, and Pt100 and Pt1000 resistive sensors;
  • display with a precision to one tenth of a degree;
    • display of positive and negative values;
    • value in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit;
  • high level of protection (up to IP65);
  • for devices with the Ethernet connection option, the web server integrated in the device makes it possible to:
    • consult the temperature from any device connected to a web browser;
    • integrate the display in the company’s local area network.
    • configure the device easily, quickly and securely;
  • conditional colour digits to show if the temperature surpasses the user-defined limits (green, amber and red);
  • activations by means of relays if the temperature surpasses the user-defined limits, allowing for the definition of hystereses;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel housing.

Lartet also supply devices that can record and display other environmental variables, such as humidity and CO2 level.