These General Warranty Conditions apply to all Lartet products and customers, except when there is a Contract or written agreement that is applicable.


The warranty of Lartet products is 36 months from the date of issue, unless there are other agreements in writing.
The warranty does not extend beyond the previous term even in case of repair or replacement.
The warranty covers any manufacturing defect and / or quality of the materials used, provided that the customer has observed the conditions of proper handling, use and conservation. The warranty does not cover wear or misuse.
The warranty will not apply to those products that have been handled by the customer and / or third parties.

The application of the guarantee is determined by Lartet After-Sales and applies to our facilities in Granollers (Spain).
Lartet is committed solely and exclusively because it is contained in the technical specifications of each product.
It is the client’s responsibility to determine the adequacy of the displays to their requirements and ensure their validity in their equipment and facilities.

The installation, commissioning and configuration of each display is the responsibility of the customer and is not included in the sale price, except prior agreement to delivery.

The displays are tested and tested in accordance with the test protocols applicable in our facilities.
Any additional evidence must be agreed in advance and the costs generated will be billed to the customer.

Repaired products are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of return, on the repair made.


Lartet Aftermarket deals with the warranty, repairs and maintenance contracts for Lartet services and products.
After-sales will give the best possible service to ensure customer satisfaction and the best application of the products.

Any breakdown, product return or service claim must be requested in writing by email to informing of the product model, serial number, description of the defect observed, and contact person, phone and email.
Based on this information and within 48 hours, After Sales will decide the procedure to follow and notify the client in writing.
Any return of products must be previously agreed.
Claims for returns that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.
Returns must be made in the original packaging or otherwise in another that guarantees the absence of damage during transport. Such damages, if they occur, are not covered by the warranty. The same packaging will be reused by Lartet for shipping back to the customer.

The product or equipment to be repaired will be sent to Lartet at paid freight, accompanied by a return delivery note, to the address of our facilities in Granollers, clearly indicating “To the attention of POST-SALE”.
Upon receipt of the product and within 72 hours, after-sales will decide whether to apply the warranty or not, informing the customer of the fault detected and the reasons for the application / non-application.
If the guarantee is applicable, the repair or replacement will be carried out at no cost to the customer and will be returned within the territory of peninsular Spain at paid postage. Outside this demarcation the conditions must be previously agreed.
If the warranty does not apply, After Sales will send the customer a “repair budget”, indicating the price and the term of the same:

If the client accepts the budget, he must make the corresponding repair order.
If the customer refuses the repair, a charge of € 85 per team will be applied and the product will be returned due.
After 180 days without response the product will be recycled.

At the customer’s request, After Sales you can configure the displays. For this, it is necessary for the client to provide all the necessary information for the configuration, take care of all the postage and place an order for € 75 for each display.

If there is a maintenance contract, the conditions established therein will apply.

Please, consult in our WEB the datasheets, FAQs, manuals and programs to have the complete information of our products and their conditions of use and configuration. SEVERO OCHOA 80, 08403 GRANOLLERS +34 938464828